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General Terms and Conditions


General Guidelines

Rights and Responsibilities

The Hirer accepts that the vehicle was delivered to him/her in good and working condition and acknowledges to return the same condition with all accessories to the Indigo Rent A Car on the date agreed or sooner upon demand of the Indigo Rent A Car.

Indigo Rent A Car reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without demand at Hirer's expense if vehicle is used in any violation of our terms and conditions. Indigo Rent A Car discharges itself of any responsibility for any cash or valuables belonging to the Hirer that may be lost whilst the vehicle is in his/her possession or after the entire period of hire or when the vehicle is returned for repairs and maintenance. Indigo Rent A Car reserves the right to change its terms and conditions without any notice to any parties.


Geographical Limits

Vehicle can be driven within the geographical boundaries of UAE only. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Indigo Rent A Car is mandatory to be taken, in order to drive a vehicle out of UAE boundaries.

Mileage Restrictions

Daily & Weekly Rentals

Daily mileage allowance will be 150 KM, anything above that will be charged as AED 0.5/KM.

Monthly Rentals

All monthly rentals have mileage limit of 5000 kilometers per month, anything above that will be charged as AED 0.5/KM.

Fuel Policy

In order to avoid any fuel charges it is advisable to return the vehicle at same fuel level. If the vehicle is returned with a lower fuel, AED 3 / litre fuel charges will apply.

Damages Policy

The Hirer has to ensure that at all times the vehicle is correctly filled with suitable oil, coolant, battery water and the tyres are kept properly inflated and also the vehicle and instruments are not damaged or tempered. Cleanliness should also be maintained of a good standard. Failure to carry out these checks could result in damage to the vehicle in which case the Hirer will be responsible for all repair costs incurred.

Rental Period

Rental Charges are on a 24 hour basis. A grace period of 2 hours shall be allowed on return date. Further delay shall cause excess charge of a complete day. Latest time for check in shall be 6:00 pm. No check in on Friday and Government holidays.

Payments & Additional Charges

All prices are payable in UAE Dirhams and all major credit cards are accepted (Visa/Master/Diners/Union Pay)

Security Procedure

Security Deposit

Security deposit of AED 1000/- will be taken on the beginning of all rental agreements. Cash security deposit shall be kept for 25 working days after check in date to compensate for fines. After 25 working days the deposit shall be returned via cheque.

Pre Authorization

If the Hirer is paying from a credit card, a pre authorization will be obtained on a valid credit card for the security. For all rentals, payments are to be made in advance.

Delivery & Collections Charges

  • Within City Limits: AED 50/- per pick up or drop off
  • Inter Emirates: AED 200/- per pick up or drop off

Salik (Toll Tax)

Salik will be charged @ AED 5/- per crossing and rates are subject to change without any prior notice.


All fines incurred by the hirer are his/her liability and will be charged with administration fee of AED 100/- per fine.

Service / Maintenance

The rental charges include free periodical servicing firstly at 1000 km for a new vehicle and thereafter at every 5000 km. Prior notice (2 days) for service or complaints is necessary from the Hirer so as to provide a replacement vehicle which may or may not be a similar type of vehicle for the duration of maintenance and servicing of the hired vehicle. In case of breakdown, replacement will be provided with the least possible delay. The Hirer is responsible for returning the replacement vehicle within 24 hours from notification from Indigo Rent a Car that the original vehicle's servicing or maintenance is complete. Failure to do so will be deemed as a breach of the terms & conditions, and full charges will apply. If a vehicle is not returned for periodical service, a fine of AED 200 will be issued on per 1000 km. In case of serious damages to the engine due to late service the customer will be liable to pay total amount of damages incurred. The period of hire shall be extended to cover the time taken to repair such damages; Hirer must not let anyone work of the vehicle without Indigo Rent a Car written permission. Punctures if any are to be repaired by the Hirer. Damage to the tyres due to punctures will be charged as per the inspection report from our maintenance team.

Additional Driver

Daily & Weekly Rental

  • Additional driver fee is charged at AED 20 per day.

Monthly Rental

  • Additional driver fee is charged at AED 200 per month.

Documentation Required

U.A.E Residents

  • Passport copy with the valid resident visa page.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Valid UAE driving license is a must.
  • A valid credit card.

Please note that driving without a Valid UAE driving license when on residence visa is a violation of the LAW!


Non – Residents

  • Passport copy with the visa entry stamp.
  • Valid International Driving License.
  • A valid credit card.
  • Please note that in case your visit or tourist visa in UAE is changed to Residence visa, you need to obtain UAE driving license and the same with a copy of your passport with residence visa page has to be submitted to Indigo Rent A Car immediately.
  • Hirers from the countries listed below are exempted from International Driving License however must hold the passport and driver's license from the same country for a minimum of 12 months: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America.

International or National Driving license in any other language other than Arabic and English should be translated into Arabic or English. The translation should be attested by the Embassy.


All accidents must be immediately reported to the appropriate police authorities and the necessary police reports obtained. Accident reports can be lodged on telephone number 999 for all the Emirates. Furthermore, all accidents involving the vehicle will also be reported to the Indigo Rent A Car in writing immediately. The vehicles are comprehensively insured in accordance with the UAE laws. The Hirer will be responsible for a maximum liability against accidents / damages of AED 1,500/- or in case of total loss, AED 5000/- shall be charged. Police report which does not mention third party or in other words which cannot be recovered against any third party shall not be entertained and will be considered responsibility of the Hirer. In the absence of a police report the Hirer's liability will not be limited to the amount stated above. Rental charges shall be applied if police report is delayed. Personal Accident insurance cover for the driver and his immediate relatives in respect of death or bodily injures will not be covered in any case whatsoever. Insurance will not be covered for any driver whose age is less than 25 years old or any driver whose driving license is less than one year old.

Additional Insurance:

The insurance excess deductible payable depends on the type of additional insurance / protection availed by you at the time of booking or hiring the vehicle as detailed below:

Type of

Accident Type

Insurance / Protection

Hirer at fault

Hit and Run

Hirer not at fault

INSURANCE EXCESS: If no added protection (CDW) is purchased the hirer will be charged an Insurance Excess.

Full Amount of Insurance excess to be paid

Full Amount of Insurance excess to be paid

Not Applicable as Insurance Excess is Covered

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW): On purchasing CDW, the insurance excess liability in event of an accident is not applicable. If hirer is not 25 years old, 30% of the actual damages shall be charged, and if a hirer's driving license is less than six months' old, 30% of the actual damages shall be charged along with the insurance excess.

Not Applicable as Insurance Excess is Covered

Not Applicable as Insurance Excess is Covered

Not Applicable as Insurance Excess is Covered


PS: Under all of the scenarios stated above, a police report is mandatory.

Violation of Law

The insurance does not cover any accidents / damages if the vehicle has been driven under the influence of alcohol / drugs or used for racing, towing and off-road driving, taxiing or passenger smuggling or any other activity considered against the UAE law. Any Such violation of law would make the hirer liable to pay for the total damages to the vehicle and any ancillary damages caused.

Age Restrictions

Minimum age requirement for driving rented vehicles is 25 years. If hirer’s age is below 25 years and above 21 years or his / her license is not older than 12 months, minimum additional charge of AED 20/- per day, AED 105/- per week and / or AED 300/- per month will be applied.

Vehicle Impounding

Incase if vehicle is impounded by the authorities for any violation of the law the customer will be liable to compensate Indigo Rent A Car for both the Impounding charges and loss of rental.


The Hirer must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place and locked when it is not in use. Any damage caused to the vehicle and lost keys, the Hirer will be liable for the amount. Minimum charges for lost Keys will be AED 1500/-. In case of loss of spare key also, AED 5000/- shall be charged. These charges are subject to vary depending on the brand of the vehicle. Parking tickets and any fines arising due to improper parking are classified as Fines and shall be subjected to an administration fee.

Value Added Services

Baby Seats

Baby seats should be pre-booked to ensure availability.


GPS device should be pre-booked to ensure availability. Indigo Rent A Car is not liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or for any loss or damage suffered by users arising out of usage of any of the information published on any pages / maps on the GPS. The hirer is liable to pay for charges of AED 1000/- for the loss of the device. In case of any damages all charges as determined by Indigo Rent A Car are payable.




Indigo Rent A Car's online reservation facility does not serve as a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services. A contract will be entered into the system at the time of rental and will be governed by the laws of the UAE.
Indigo Rent A Car prepaid rental booking showing a specified value will be accepted as a means of payment of the reservation charges at rental counters. The booking must be accompanied by a credit card both for security and to cover the charges not included in the booking value, such as fuel, extra kilometers, and excess in case of damage or loss of the rented vehicle. A pre-authorization will be taken on the credit card to cover excess & other additional charges at the time of vehicle hire. Standard Indigo Rent A Car terms and conditions apply. All rentals may be subject to additional surcharges (e.g. for special equipment, additional drivers, CDW, fuel, salik, traffic fines, etc.).

Payment By Credit Card

Credit cards are accepted for online payment. Please note the credit card used online must be presented at time of pick up. Credit card on the name of card holder must be available at pick up location. This is a mandatory requirement. The credit card must have enough funds to cover the security deposit.

Prepaid Rates Only

Indigo Rent A Car applies Cancellation and No Show / Lost rental charges on all prepaid rates booked from and Indigo application.

Change of Reservation:

1. Any change to a booking made online or through the call center will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made. This may be greater or lesser than the price originally booked. This applies to changes made to:

  1. Drop off location.
  2. Drop off time and date.
  3. Pick up date and time.
  4. Vehicle group i.e. all other additional products.

2. Any modification for changes made online would have an amendment fee of AED 50.

3. The primary customer name and the pick-up location on a reservation cannot be changed. If you wish to change the primary name or the pick-up location, then you must cancel the reservation (see below "Cancellations") and make a new reservation.

4. You will be asked to enter a valid credit card number at the end of a change to a prepaid reservation. This MUST be the same credit card that was used for the original reservation. If you wish to change the credit card, then the original reservation must be cancelled (see below “Cancellations”) and a new reservation to be made.

5. Administration charges will not apply to amended bookings, unless the amendment significantly changes the original booking, in which case it will be subject to the cancellation fee detailed below. All requests to amend a booking will be subject to normal availability of the requested vehicle. Prices may change between the date of the original booking and the amended booking, in which case the later prices will apply.


1. Customers may cancel a pre-paid booking with an administration fee of AED 50/- if Indigo Rent A Car is advised 48 hours prior to pick up date.

2. For cancellations of rentals with less than 48 hours’ notice, Indigo Rent A Car will charge one day rental of the reservation and an Administration fee of AED 50/-

3. Refunds will be made to the credit card that the original booking was made on within 21 working days.

Early Return / No Shows:

1. There will be no refund for unused car rental days on a prepaid rental, once the rental has started.

2. There will be no refund if the customer fails to show up for a rental that has not been cancelled prior to the pickup date.


If a rental needs to be extended once the car has been picked up, local rental rates and policies will apply for the additional days and the additional charges will be settled by customer's credit card.

Late Arrival Policy:

If you make a reservation specifying a pick-up location and you do not arrive at the specified pick-up location for the rental within 3 hours of the specified pick-up time, (or if the location closes before then, by the locations closing time), the reservation will be treated as a No Show and charged accordingly.


Your extras, i.e. GPS, Baby seat etc. are payable at the rental location and are subject to availability.



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