Driving Guidelines for UAE

  • UAE is right-driving country which means you will have to be on the right-hand side of the road when driving.
  • While driving, it is obligated by law to carry a license.
  • It is required to wear seat-belts all the times when driving.
  • Use of mobile phone when driving is prohibited and illegal.
  • Under-influence driving is prohibited and illegal.
  • Speed Limits:

Freeways = 100 km/h or 120 km/h

Residential and inner-city roads: 40 km/h or 60 km/h

  • Indicators must be used if a lane has to be changed or a vehicle to be over-taken.
  • Children who are under the age of 10, are not allowed to sit in the front seat
  • Children who are 30kg and above need to sit in booster seat and seat belt should be used
  • Children who are below 30 kg should sit in forward facing seat
  • Infants or babies weighing below 14 kg must be in rear facing child seat
  • The following routine checks should be performed regularly by the car owners.

Brake Fluid Level, Pressure of Tyres, Coolant Level, Engine Oil Level

  • Regular service of your vehicle would keep you away from sudden break-downs of your vehicles in uncertain situations.
  • Air Filters, Spark Plugs, and fluid levels should be checked regularly.
  • Kindly report any accident to the police authority.
  • If the accident has occurred, and there are no injuries, then please park the vehicle on the side of the road to avoid road obstruction or traffic jam of the vehicles coming from behind, and report the incident to nearest police station.
  • Please carry registration card and driver’s license with you, all the time when driving.
  • Fuel mileage can be improved with a slight of margin if tyres are inflated to the recommend levels of their manufacturers. Reduction of friction would improve average.
  • Fuel consumption can be controlled by driving moderately, and not by harsh and fast driving.
  • Use navigation to avoid busy roads during rush hours. It would save you fuel consumption.
  • Fuel economy can be enhanced by 20% if you ride or drive smoothly by avoiding abrupt braking, and using steady acceleration